About us

An alternative to high street banks

The past decade has seen a technological revolution in the payments industry. Financial technologies have developed to make our life easier and move our money more efficiently.

People are wiser and more knowledgeable. As a result bank charges are no longer hidden.

Entrepreneurs and businesses no longer rely on the high street for their payment services. Velapay was formed as an alternative to the regular high street bank.

We champion our customers.

Signing up for a Velapay Business account takes just minutes. With a Velapay business account, you’ll gain access to financial management solutions to automate your business.

Making trading simpler

Since Brexit international trade has become difficult and complex. Regulations & bureaucracy are an enormous hindrance to trading with our European neighbours and beyond.

Velapay’s management team have vast and up-to-date experience in the minefield of International Trade & Payments. We are continuously looking for efficient, cost-effective payment solutions.

Our solutions will increase trading activity, increase profitability and grow your business.

We understand our customer’s needs.

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