Velapay is a business e-wallet, designed for you to manage your finances.

Your payments, and cash flow. Working as one.

Velapay empowers customers to use their business accounts with complete control of their money.


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Do business internationally while saving money on payments, FX, and other services.

Expense Management

Stay on top of your company’s expenses with control on spending, tools for team members and expense reports – all in real-time.


Transfer funds to over 150 different countries and save money with our market-leading rates.


Pick a membership tailored to your business finance needs.

Built for all businesses

Velapay is built for all businesses. No matter the size of your business, Velapay has all the tools you need to take control of your business finance.

Low transaction fees, market-leading FX rates, expense management tools and more.

Real-time FX

When you exchange money, benefit from market-leading, real-time rates across numerous currencies. Never again be concerned about high exchange rates.

Always in control

You have easily adjustable limits on how much you spend on your cards meaning you’re always in control.

Decide where cards may be used, establish limits, keep track, and freeze and unfreeze. Expenses automatically remind employees to submit receipts, making bookkeeping simple.

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